Accountants Training Manuals

Accountants Training Manuals  instructions and guidance for financial procedures, financial reports, along with training and tutorials for University Accounting and financial System Applications, can be found here.

An accounting training manual is a book of instructions. This manual is designed to provide an overview of a topic before attending a class, an outline to follow during a training course for accounting, a subject matter reference for post-training, and a general reference. Use these steps to write a training manual.

Write an outline for forensic accountant process. An outline helps organize the information. It also helps your firm  make sure that all the points of the system or product are covered within the training manual.

Start with orientation. Outline the company’s structure, and the roles and responsibilities. Introduce the SOP, guidelines and QA scorecard. Go through some of the general guidelines briefly, perhaps in bullet points or with keywords. Generally, do not assume the reader knows anything about the subject matter or even the organization and spell things out for clarity.




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